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Ready to ASCEND to new possibilities?

Let us help you improve student success by retooling your purpose, people, and processes

Education is in the midst of an identity crisis. Financial constraints, unrealistic expectations, and outdated practices are plaguing the educational system. To thrive, your institution needs to be responsive to the ever-changing demands and reimagine your student success strategies.


At TK, we are full-time working professionals. We live in the weeds and understand the daily demands and constraints placed on you as a leader. But we also understand how to do more with less, create a unified purpose, get the best out of others, and create effective but simple homegrown student success strategies. 


At our institution, we were tasked with improving institutional retention and graduation rates without a lot of new resources to do so. Through our development of training and consulting on field-tested initiatives surrounding the six key facets of our ASCEND model -- Affordability, Support, Culture, Engagement, Nudges, and Data, we were able to significantly improve retention and graduation rates on our campus. 


We understand the challenges you face every day through limited support, limited time, and limited funding.  As such, we truly want to help you and your students by providing real-world, low-cost solutions to assist your campus in improving your retention rates, graduation rates, and student success efforts.  No gimmicks, no long-term commitments, no complicated software packages.  Instead we offer unique, customized, proven solutions to shift your thinking, refine your approach, and develop an overarching plan to move the needle and achieve your goals. 


  • Affordability

  • Support

  • Culture

  • Engagement

  • Nudges

  • Data

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