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TK prides itself in spending sufficient time with each of its clients to truly listen and better understand each institution's unique needs, struggles, barriers, and challenges.  TK then works directly with each campus to find actionable, practical strategies that are customized to solve each institution's unique real-world problems.  TK will assist your organization in improving your student success efforts and overall effectiveness through:

  • targeted trainings and interactive workshops for students, staff, faculty, and upper administration 

  • keynote speeches at retreats, orientation programs, welcome assemblies, faculty/staff trainings, or professional conferences

  • practical tools and new initiatives that are cost effective and proven to work

  • training on how to use existing institutional data to improve decision-making

  • training your "trainers" (advisors/staff/leaders) so they have the leadership skills, knowledge, and confidence to launch tried-and-true initiatives on your campus

  • practical hands-on coaching with handouts, guides, charts, and step-by-step instructions to increase the likelihood of ongoing success

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