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Co-Founder, Trainer & Consultant

Dr. Eric Kirby


Dr. Eric Kirby is an Assistant Professor of Management, Leadership, and Business Law in the Dixie L. Leavitt School of Business at Southern Utah University. Prior to this role, Dr. Kirby served as Assistant Vice President for Student Affairs (Completion and Student Success) at Southern Utah University, where he led important campus retention, completion, and student success initiatives, as well as directly oversaw a number of units on campus directly related to this effort. 

Dr. Kirby holds a B.A. in Political Science (Southern Utah University), a M.S. in Administration (University of Denver), J.D. in Law (University of Denver), and a Ph.D. in Global Leadership and Academic Administration (Indiana Tech). Prior to working in higher education, Dr. Kirby practiced law for nearly a decade. His research interests are focused on innovative and unique retention and completion practices, leadership development, and the success of marginalized student populations (with a particular focus on Native American students). 

Dr. Kirby is a founding partner of Tippets & Kirby Consulting, LLC, and is regularly invited to give presentations, workshops, and consult with various organizations across the nation on business/leadership strategy, organizational restructure, shifting business culture, and transformative change management. Dr. Kirby also created Outdoor Kirbys, LLC, to provide individuals and groups with unique opportunities to learn fundamental leadership skills through customizable outdoor experiences and workshops.

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